Letting my accomplishments talk for themselves remains the best way to showcase them to friends, coworkers, and strangers. I've learned not to boast about my origami, painting, or writing skills; rather, I let my folded paper models, 32' x 32' canvases, and essays speak on my behalf.



Friends come to me for advice about essays, website design, and relationships. At VandyHacks, Music City Code, and Nodevember, I take pride in what I do: placing catering food orders for over 450+ attendees, organizing sponsorship fund acquisitions for over $10k, and acting as a liason between the tech organization and Vanderbilt University.



Some things in life are worth waiting for. When Citrix took a month to send me news about my interview results, I contemplated sending an email to request an update. However, I remember an ancient Chinese parable that you once told me about a farmer and his horse who ran away and came back with another horse. Like the farmer, I chose to be neutral about my reaction to the situation; perhaps, good news was just on the horizon.



The circle of karma is unavoidable. As Jesus himself said in Matthew 7:12, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Professor McCabe had been so generous with my participation in the VUSE Summer Research Program; I decided to thank her with a nice surprise: an upgrade to her 2012 lab website with a new responsive, interactive modern 2017 design.



I work to change what I can in the right order: myself, my peers, and then my environment. I can't be in charge of the current U.S. economy, the electoral college in the 2017 election, or the summer-internship hiring process. However, I can work on polishing my computer-science online portfolio, my VandyHacks involvement position, and, most importantly, my physique.



Rainy days happen, so the best we can do is carry a bright yellow umbrella and a big smile. Like the Bank of America financial analyst said, I have Dad's big goofy smile and Mom's wrinkling, twinkling eyes. In turbulent times such as uncompiling, broken code that I've been spending hours fussing over, I still try my best to carry around a wide smile. Because, regardless of how desperate the situation appears, the stormy clouds always clear up and the bright yellow sun always comes out to play.


Why do I love being home for winter break?

Because of the F✱✱✱ word !!

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After studying dozens of book chapters and debugging thousands of code lines, dumplings are always a plus when coming home. Everyone loves some dough stuffed with pork, vegetables, and onions.


Though every kind has their little arguments, in-person family remains much better than low-quality, pixelated family over WeChat. Also, hugs are awesome and always welcome.


With so much studying and club activities at Vanderbilt, not much time remains for competing in ping-pong, playing cards, or folding origami decorations. At home, these extracurriculars abound.