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Computer Science Student at Vanderbilt University

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Hello there! My name is Davy Yue. I'm an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and pursuing a minor in Engineering Management at Vanderbilt University! As I work with my tech organizations and take classes, I'm exposed to many new, cross-disciplinary ideas, topics, and projects almost every day.

While striving to learn new programming languages and to become a more well-informed developer, I love diving into healthcare, research, gaming, business, or other projects and services. I enjoy learning about any undertakings big or small, so feel free to shoot me a message to discuss your next biggest venture!


Just Printer Paper,
Or Is That All?

That's Definitely Not All.

Complexity can be simple. Yet, simplicity can be complex. As shown, my modular origami dodecahedron highlights this paradox. While appearing to have an elaborate geometric design, the model consists of 30 simple, folded rectangles connected together in tessellations.


Bright Colors,
Bright Concepts.

Brilliant Creations.

As seen in my painting "Lightbulb Inspiration," the artwork commands the viewer's full attention with a variety of vibrant colors. In a similar manner, developers need multi-disciplinary talent and ideas to prosper in the competitive modern industry. That's why I'm working on perfecting my own talent in multiple disciplines.

I am a ...

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Origami-Inspired Web Design

Business Never Folds!

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Please don't let these sample packages limit the extent of your imagination. These listings are only meant to provide a vague overview of the services offered at Origami-Inspired Web Design. We want to build the best possible personalized, responsive, modern website for your portfolio, business, or application needs. So, naturally, I offer extensive customization for all packages seen below. Just shoot me a message below to kick-start your project success!

Website Design & Development

Package Pages Features Pricing
All Packages Home Page
About Me/Us Page
Testimonials Page
FAQ Page
Privacy Policy Page
Custom 404 Page*
Comprehensive Personalization
Mobile Compatibility
Responsive Design
Modern Appearance
Internal Links
Browser Caching
Search-Engine Optimization
Contact Information
Social Media Accounts
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Personal Portfolio Best Project Samples Page
Work Experience Page
Personal Blog Page
Free Tutorials Page
Store Page (See Business Package)*
Personal Photo
Relevant Education
Downloadable Resume
Awards and Recognition
Relevant Community Groups
Volunteer Work
Call to Action
... And More!
Starting at only $499.99!
Educational Lectures Page
Staff Page
News and Announcements Page
Calendar Page
Spotlight Page
Store Page (See Business Package)*
... And More!
Bulletin Board
Online Assignments
Password Protected Sections
User Management*
Secure Parent Accounts*
Secure Student Accounts*
Video Galleries
Facilities Listing
Email List
Web Forms
... And More!
Starting at only $599.99!
Business Merchandise/Product Page(s)
Shopping Cart Page
User-Friendly Checkout Page
Shipment Tracking Page
Website Security
Photo Galleries for Merchandise
Master Merchandise/Pricing Upload
Related Items or "You Might Like These Items"
Email Marketing
Shopping Cart
Secure Account Creation*
Secure Account Management*
Advanced Payment
Fast Guest Check-Out
Shipping Options
Idle Shopper Awareness
Order Tracking
On-site Videos
Business Hours
Online Chat*
Search Function*
Comments Section*
Contact Form
Captcha or Anti-Spam
... And More!
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Game or Web Application Tutorials Page
Store Page (See Business Package)
Character Customization Page
Storyline Page
Gameplay Page
Level Completion Page
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Fast Loading Speeds
Share Score to Social Media
Secure Account Creation
Save In-Game Progress
Checkpoints for Saves
Idle Player Awareness
... And More!
Starting at only $799.99!

Website Improvement & Redesign

Category Features Pricing
Consultation Call Third-Party Quote Verification
General Website Design Inquiry
Branding Inspection
Call to Action Identification
Goal Identification
Customer Retention Strategy
Direct Competition Evaluation
Target Market/Audience Analysis
Content Update Perspective
Basic IT Support
... And More!
Starting at only $34.99/hr!
Introductory Package Basic Pages Overview
Security Enhancement
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing Tools
Responsive Redesign
Mobile Compatibility*
Navigation Correction
Text Formatting
Images Positioning
... And More!
Starting at only $49.99!

* - Optional features to maximize added value for your target audience

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Other Projects & Endeavors

Category Description Pricing
Chief Technology Officer Have a great CEO, CFO, CMO, and CCO, but missing a valuable CTO? I can fill that missing position for your budding business or startup! Negotiable Contract with Reasonable Benefits Package
Engineer or Developer Lead Have a brilliant game or web app project? Need someone to direct the brains and code behind your product? I can work as your project lead in the engineering or developer area! Negotiable Project Ownership and Credits
Tutor or Mentor Want to develop your own website or application? Need an experienced coder by your side to guide you through transforming that abstract idea into a concrete reality? I can help! Ask About My Tutoring Pricing Packages
Engineer or Developer Intern Are you a recruiter from a reputable tech company looking to hire top talent for your department's needs? Check out my resume using the link above! I can pilot your firm's next technological breakthrough! Negotiable Internship Salary and Benefits Package

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